Brown sugar, balsamic & brown butter strawberry pie

I have always been obsessed with strawberries.  Anything strawberry flavored I want to devour it.  Now.  My parents have shared stories of when, as a toddler, I collapsed in the middle of strawberry patches, the juices running down my face as I secretly consumed what we picked, asking for more berries.  

Triple bourbon peach pecan french toast sandwiches

French Toast

Triple bourbon peach pecan french toast sandwiches. So this post encompasses not only a few foods I constantly crave, but it reminds me of a wonderfully fun trip with some fabulous friends. This rich and decadent french toast was inspired by a girls weekend last summer I enjoyed with two of my sorority sisters. 

Concord, Massachusetts


Whether you are a devotee of American literary history, aspire to walk in the footsteps of the minutemen or desire a serene escape to nature, the picture perfect town of Concord, Massachusetts is an ideal destination. Located 40 minutes northwest of Boston, Concord has maintained its idyllic charm while ensuring that visitors can engage in a variety of activities hovered around its captivating downtown.


Jack's Abby

Jack's Abby

I have two beer confessions before we begin. First, I'm a beer snob. While I know that a lot of beers I like to think of as ‚microbrews‚ are actually owned by the big beer guys, I can no longer drink Bud Light, Coors or any other of their canned brethren. I'm not even cool enough to attempt to enjoy hipster throwbacks such as Narragansett or Pabst Blue Ribbon. Both I, and my wallet, lament that those days are long behind me.