Anyone else always need to be planning a vacation or weekend getaway?  Just me?  I believe that everyone should always have something to look forward to in life - mine happen to be travel and food!  As a native Midwesterner who relocated with my Mainer husband to the Boston area almost a decade ago, I have made it my focus to seek out the best sites, towns, donuts, lobster rolls and watering holes from Maine to Rhode Island.

I spend summers trekking across the United States, Europe and beyond, pursuing experiences from the absurd (snorting chocolate in Amsterdam) to the sublime (olive oil tasting in Umbria) and everything in between (riding 4 wheelers in the Cambodian countryside).  Locating charming, off the beaten path locales and the most a la mode spots for a delectable treat or tipple of wine is my forte.  When home, you will find me preparing simple, tasty meals and scrumptious desserts.  In my day job as a high school teacher (where I'm nicknamed Ms. Foodie), I get to concentrate on my passion for history but this blog allows to me to share my other cravings‚ namely for booze, cuisine and travel.  My friends use me as their unofficial travel guide so I hope my tips, tricks and finds will help you in your pursuit to create the perfect getaway, brunch with friends or cozy weekend cocktail.

Fortunately, residing in New England provides me ample opportunities to indulge in all my passions and being a DINK (dual income, no kids) means I spend entirely too much of my disposable income on these hobbies!  I love stupid humor, serious history and all kinds of cheese.  And donuts...and pizza.  I hope my advice will inspire your own culinary creations and adventurous travels!

- Traci